FCJ Consulting’s primary objective is to foster strong long-term relationships with our clients where our client’s success is our success. close


Management Consulting

The following strategic management consulting services are offered by FCJ Consulting:

Strategic facilitation

Where FCJ Consulting acts as a neutral party facilitating strategic debate.

We will:

  • Guide the discussion
  • Identify areas of growth
  • Develop an action plan
  • Participate in strategic initiative implementation where required

Strategic initiative implementation

We provide end to end support to improve the chances of success when implementing strategic initiatives, including:

  • Project scope definition and formalisation
  • Executive board level buy in/ approval facilitation
  • Project and resource management
  • Market launch planning logistics
  • Post launch operational support model defined

Contact us: consult@fcj.co.za

Business Process Consulting

FCJ consulting has more than 10 years experience in the definition, modelling and re-engineering of business processes, specifically within the South African financial services industry.

We use the BluePrintBI system and methodology for the definition and storage of accurate business processes.

The consulting offering involves the on-site facilitation of process definition workshops with subject matter experts from the organisation in question. We will:

  •         Identify the known process universe of the organisation
  •         Define all known processes, using the BluePrintBI methodology – ensuring the highest levels of standardisation, consistency and analysis capability.
  •         Manage subject matter expert (SME) relations
  •         Manage the project, through weekly status updates, findings and actions documents and analysis performed through management reports
  •         Identification of high risk areas of the organisation through logging of inherent risk, inefficiencies and risk incidents on authorised process information.

Projects are allocated to 3 month cycle engagements, where FCJ consultants will be on-site at the organisation for 5-10 days per month.

FCJ consultants work with the goal of fully defining 5 business processes in one day, subject to SME availability. Therefore, per each 3 month engagement, a sponsor can expect around 150 defined business processes.

For more information, please contact us for a non obligatory discussion.

Email: info@fcj.co.za