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Operating Model Facilitation

Operating model Facilitation: making sense of the chaos

FCJ Consulting specialises in operating model facilitation & definition – where our trademark software (BluePrintBI) assists the process of documenting business process end to end; maintenance of processes and usage of the information to run the business more effectively.

FCJ Consulting has more than 10 years of experience defining operating models for clients and we are well positioned to help formalise your organisation’s business processes.

Defining your operating model will enable you to identify:

  • Key controls in the business
  • Risks and propose mitigating actions
  • Inefficiencies and opportunities to scale and/or improve
  • Key touch points with clients
  • Business and market cut offs

By having a well documented and maintained operating model, your company will comply with South Africa regulation (CISCA, FAIS, FSB and other)

For more information: www.blueprintbi.com

For a better understanding on why well documented business processes are vital for your organisation , please refer to the embedded PDF document for more information. Tangible benefits have been identified per interview with COO after recent implementation of  Blueprint BI.

BluePrint Business Intelligence Justification

What is an operating model?

Operating model is a term that is used in many contexts. An operating model is the abstract representation of how an organisation operates across process, organisation, technology domains in order to deliver value defined by the organisation in scope.

Any organisation is a complex system consisting of several different interlinked logical components. An operating model breaks this “complex machinery” down into its logical components and deploys the appropriate analysis and design techniques for each component in order to deliver better value.

An operating model can be used as a framework for formulating operations strategy – explicit choices about the best deployment of organisation’s elements to achieve the business goals. It is usually informed by the business model. In some cases, an operating model can become the source of competitive advantage and can inform the business model.

The operating model can be a vehicle to describe how the organisation does business today – the “as-is” operating model. This can be the foundation for an organisation that wants to transform its business. New business drivers can be translated into requirements that can lead to a new “to-be” or “target” operating model. The target operating model represents the high level requirements that drive the future business and IT architecture design.

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