FCJ Consulting’s primary objective is to foster strong long-term relationships with our clients where our client’s success is our success. close

Technology: a key enabler

FCJ Consulting focuses on business solutions where technology is the enabler and people and processes are always the driver.

Bespoke Software Development

With CulminIT, a registered Microsoft Partner, FCJ Consulting is well positioned to custom develop software to meet your specific business requirements. From helping you identify these requirements and managing the associated development process, to successfully integrating the new solution into your business – FCJ Consulting offers a holistic, complete solution.

BluePrint Business Intelligence

FCJ Consulting, in partnership with CulminIT, has developed a business solution (BluePrint BI) to help you to document and manage your operational business processes, thus making it easier to comply with South African regulations.

Some of the key features of BluePrint BI:

  • Process efficiencies
  • Identify and and mitigate risks
  • Resource allocation
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Change control
  • Business and market cut offs
  • Technology overlay
  • Controls per process step formalised
  • Reporting and business intelligence

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