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The FCJ Change Management Approach​

Experienced change specialists within the investment management industry.

Business process management is at the core of everything we do and the golden thread throughout the change management life cycle and outlined below​

FCJ’s PMO takes a leading role in delivering mandate of the project, with stakeholder management and overall governance being the focus and business processes insights supporting decision making. ​
FCJ’s approach in defining the high level operating model is to start with the current and move towards the future target operating model. BlueprintBI is our technology enabler in fast-tracking business process mapping and process hierarchies per business area is mapped in interactive sessions with key stakeholders and is continuously updated as the end to end future state crystallise. Visibility of the operating model supports informed change decisions in a simple and clear way.​
At FCJ we recognize the use of technology as a key part to business success. Our approach identifies where in the operating model the technology is utilized, by whom and how critical the related process are to the business. This approach allows for informed discussions during the change life cycle thanks to standardized process flows, clearly articulated process and technology ownership. ​
FCJ has a ‘People First’ approach in change management and the success of projects are 100% dependent on the different level of stakeholders and the understanding (with buy-in) of the mandated planned change, taking into account scope, resource capacity and timeline. FCJ’s mapped business processes and high level operating model artefacts are key building blocks in managing the people aspect of change in an informed and factual manner, with the knowledge of impacted people and technology per tranche of change and also provides the training baseline and reference point to staff when moving over to the new operating model.​
FCJ believes in data driven decision making. Capturing and storing process data in a structured way allows FCJ to derive insights from your operating model not previously visible. We use widely accepted data visualization tools like Microsoft PowerBI, Power Query and Power Automate to ensure data is exposed through dashboards and updated in a timely manner.
FCJ’s process mapping methodology uncovers automation and straight through processing (STP) opportunities. Our team of automation specialists will ensure investment in the relevant areas for automation and that the investment yields the expected ROI. Our automation specialists will work with your teams to define the business case and help the IT teams to define and deliver these efficiencies.
FCJ has a strong risk management drive in our approach, with regulatory, client and industry specific frameworks being key influencers in the definition of the target operating model. BluePrintBI enables further enrichment of business processes that support assurance review and certification requirements for the future; with BluePrintBI’s risk module the FCJ team is able to calculate inherent and residual risk across the organisation based on international best practice methodology. ​
FCJ’s structured and standardised business process mapping methodology is the foundation on all client engagements. BlueprintBI is our technology enabler in fast-tracking business process mapping, by collating information from MS Excel with the automatic generation of process flows and business insight, support the building blocks of change management: People, Process, Technology and overall Go Live readiness.